…and then promptly broke them. After committing them to public view in this blogpost. But I’m honest enough to advertise my flaws, even after the fact. Here’s where I ‘fess up: Yeah, I was distracted all day long. Note to self: do not pay attention to interruptive text messages. Especially when they contain misspellings, gah. […]

So I made a few vows yesterday…

…after a long holiday weekend/way too much time not blogging here. But I made up for lost time this weekend over on my personal blog – that’s for sure! A very mushy post about what I’m thankful for on this day – along with a recap of my Very Paleo Thanksgiving. My new career – […]

Jumping back in the saddle…

Update: Had the wrong link below – and it’s a doozy besides: My dating story from hell This goes out to my Twitter followers – those people who have some understanding of what I’m like. And it’s a follow-up to this post, where I lament Saturday evening’s outcome. Soooo…what kind of man do you see […]

The Monday challenge: crowdsource my ideal ‘date’