It’s still a whole new Android world…

Sure, I may have had to drive over to the special AT&T store that will investigate, service and/or potentially replace your still-under-warranty device upon request. And they may have had to go through their super-duper reinstall of the underlying Android OS to try and deal with the nagging annoyances I’d started to experience (phone constantly […]

I’m *everywhere* – except for not really *here*

Finally back to writing, hooray. But where can you see the fruits of my efforts, you wonder? I’m over on All Things Critical today, writing about why I buy from Amazon so much. I updated the long-dormant Redoing Media site yesterday with a promise to do more (and praising Robert Wagner’s efforts resuscitating ATC while […]

PDX’ers – how’s that whole compost vs. garbage thing working for you…?

I am as environmentally-friendly as the next person. I am very much into the whole ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mantra – I save my vegetable scraps and make stock for soup each week, buy and sell back clothes for us all at resale shops instead of buying new, have drastically cut down the amount of waste […]