I’m *everywhere* – except for not really *here*

Finally back to writing, hooray. But where can you see the fruits of my efforts, you wonder?

  • I’m over on All Things Critical today, writing about why I buy from Amazon so much.
  • I updated the long-dormant Redoing Media site yesterday with a promise to do more (and praising Robert Wagner’s efforts resuscitating ATC while I was at it.)
  • What has kept me occupied? Well, stage managing my daughter’s budding musical career. Next up? Monterey!

And then there’s the whole ‘day job’ bit, the shower I’m throwing Sunday for @MillerLitePDX & his mama, @sabrinapdx, the wedding I’m attending Saturday evening, my lame attempts to have any kind of dating/social life, etc. etc. etc.

Is it any wonder this place has been barren for months?

Except – it hasn’t, really. Because over on the left and right hand sides, you can see links to recent blog posts. Or twitter streams from either @betsywhim (copiously updated) or @redoingmedia (not so much.) Down below? Yep, that’s the music I’m listening to.

See? It’s one-stop shopping for the Internet stalker I’m aspiring to lure in…

…’cause I’m efficient like that already.