So I made a few vows yesterday…

…and then promptly broke them. After committing them to public view in this blogpost.

But I’m honest enough to advertise my flaws, even after the fact. Here’s where I ‘fess up:

  1. Yeah, I was distracted all day long. Note to self: do not pay attention to interruptive text messages. Especially when they contain misspellings, gah.
  2. No yoga class. In my defense? I was needed to play Mom Taxi after orchestra jazz band rehearsal instead.
  3. Score! Thanks to a very timely email from my buddies at Cork, I now have 3 boxes (boxes? Yes, boxes!) of wine on order – all without leaving my office. (If you were on their mailing list, you’d have gotten the heads-up as well. Get on that…) Sadly, it is NOT in my house. Yet. (More on this below…)
  4. HAHAHAHAHA! Who seriously thought I’d do this? (And how long have you known me, anyway?)
  5. Yes, I succumbed to Cyber Monday. But being able to get 50% off this killer NYT-endorsed box wine from Jenny & Francois was only offered until 6 pm last night. And after 20% of the stock was spoken for after the 1st hour (this per my wine buddy, Darryl) – well, I needed to jump on it – right?

It goes without saying that after a track record of complete failure on the inaugural effort, well – I’m not making any public commitments for today’s activities.

What would you suggest, though?