It’s cooler and a bit rainy outside. My daughter has her school schedule for the year, and is taking One Whole Week off of her 3x weekly summer jazz band rehearsal schedule before we dive back into 3x weekly fall jazz band rehearsal schedule. I got eggplants and peppers in last week’s organics box delivery. […]

The changing of the seasons

Over the last 7 days, I’ve taken 5 long walks through my inner-NE neighborhood. I’ve taken 4 very different routes, going as far as NE 33rd to the east, NE 7th to the west. I’ve been as far north as Siskiyou, and as far south as Weidler – alongside high-volume roads (NE 15th) and slow […]

Where’s Eileen? Not in my neighborhood…

legooz 6
Sure, I may have had to drive over to the special AT&T store that will investigate, service and/or potentially replace your still-under-warranty device upon request. And they may have had to go through their super-duper reinstall of the underlying Android OS to try and deal with the nagging annoyances I’d started to experience (phone constantly […]

It’s still a whole new Android world…